We’ve Grown ~ Offering More Care for You!

On this monumental #DayWithoutAWoman #InternationalWomensDay, we proudly embrace TWO MORE phenomenal women to our growing Collective!!

17191887_774117246098837_3929519048600923402_oKimberly Andrulis, of Revive Wellness, brings to this practice a dedicated concentration to solving the most boggling wellness “dysfunctions”. As Kimberly says, “people do not typically come to me for meal planning; they come when they have exhausted all other reasons for feeling unwell.” (how lucky are we to have her guidance, and offer this resource to all our clients!)

Kimberly’s passion for health and wellness started in college and grew as she went through life experiences and her own health struggles. In 2006, she received her Bachelors in Science from Western Michigan University. From there she attended Loyola University Chicago to become a Registered Dietitian. As a RD, she worked through many different lenses within the medical community. She believes that this experience provided a solid foundation to better understand the need for more natural methods. As someone who experienced very troubled health in her 20’s, she was done chasing her symptoms and had the desire to dig deeper. After years of debilitating symptoms, a natural practitioner suggested the right lab test that changed her life.
She found out the source of her health problems stemmed from the silver fillings in her mouth, creating heavy metal toxicity.

As she moved through natural protocols, healing at the cellular level, she decided to take her education to the next level. She then became a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. This program not only expanded her ability to help clients find the root cause, but also laid the groundwork to put it all into practice. Kimberly feels confident that after restoring her own health naturally, she possesses the tools needed to help others who have struggled to find answers.
17191913_774147019429193_954039703233966534_oRounding out our offerings, Ann Marie Donlin is poised to work with clients who are at a cross-roads of sorts, and unable to see the next step. As an internationally-trained Life Coach, Ann’s life experiences have groomed her for this work, revealing to her that she has a natural listening, caring and teaching capacity in almost every industry she’s experienced.

At 36, Ann embarked on her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, specializing in Special Education.
As a Teacher, Teacher Consultant and General Manager, Ann found she was coaching owners, employees, students and co-workers through challenging life decisions.

Now, as founder of Living Change Life Coaching, Ann explains, “We all go through changes throughout our human experience. How we think, deal and react to these experiences makes all the difference in a fulfilling life. Learning to be self-reliant, resilient and a self-empowering thinker can make all the difference in your world. ” We couldn’t agree more!

Please watch for an upcoming “EVENT” to meet & greet with our entire Collective team !
We’re so excited, grateful, inspired, and proud to offer a wealth of diverse resources to our clients and this Lakeshore Community!

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