Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki Treatments:

Reiki is energy, and energy has NO limits!  Distance healing is based on the premise that thought travels and transcends space.  It is the practitioner’s thought and intent that move the energy through space and time.  People who wish to receive distance Reiki can be in another room, another state, or even another continent, and can still receive the same healing benefits as someone who is receiving a hands-on session.  

The power of intention is what makes any healing system, prayer or ceremony effective and powerful.  As long as the practitioner’s intent is to send healing energy, and your intention is to receive this energy, then the energy transfer will be successful.  Because Reiki does transcend time and space, you can use a Distance Reiki session to send Reiki energy to a future event (such as a job interview, before or after surgery, or even a dentist appointment).  

Distance Reiki healing is for people who cannot come in for a private session.  Clients are often busy, are too ill to leave home, or live too far away. In these cases, Reiki can be sent across distances from the practitioner to the client. Practitioners focus on a photograph of the client and are able to connect energy from the practitioner to the client.

Additionally, clients can purchase Distance Reiki treatments for sick family members, homebound seniors, family or friends in hospitals or nursing homes, premies, etc.

In the case of an emergency situation, a Distant Reiki treatment can usually be scheduled the same day or within 24 hours, while that may not be the case for an in-person treatment because they may be conducted after regular business hours.

Distance Reiki Healings can be sent to the recipient in 2 ways:

*Preset – sending Reiki to be set for a predetermined date/time in the future. This is great for situations such as surgeries, big tests, job interviews, or any other important event.

*Real Time – sending Reiki now to be received at this moment. This is usually set up for a time when the client is in a safe, relaxed space, usually after work, while relaxing or in bed.

Clients receiving this type of distance Reiki treatments will schedule the session and at the appointed time, I will check in by telephone with the client before beginning the treatment. Clients hang up the phone, lie down in a comfortable position, and with their eyes closed can listen to relaxing music (if they choose) for the prescribed period of time. It’s that simple!

PLEASE NOTE: I will need the following:

  •   your full name
  •   your present location (city, state) 
  •   the problem you want Reiki to work on
  •   the day and time you want to receive it (for preset distance Reiki only)
  •   a photo of yourself (not required but is very helpful)
  •   your cell or home phone

If the Reiki treatment you have purchased is for another person and not yourself, the information submitted should be about the other person, and their permission must be obtained before any treatment can be sent. If this person is physically unable to do so, the Reiki will be sent but if they are unwilling to accept the energy, it will move on to someone who will.

I also send distance healing to your pets! Please provide a picture, a name and a problem.


After you have made your payment via PayPal, you will be redirected to a page with instructions for sending us your information and scheduling your treatments.