Energy Clearing/Home Blessing services


Residential and Commercial Energy Clearing/Blessing services:

Some people want energy clearing before they move into a new home or office to clear out any negative energies and to fill the space with love and light. Some want it to give the place some positive vibes to help them to sell their home.

Some people use the cleansing process after a big life transition that has affected the whole family (death, divorce, etc) or someone has been ill or even after bringing in a used piece of furniture that just doesn’t feel right in the home.

A clearing is a ritual performed to clear the energy in a home or office.  Similar to the idea of throwing open the windows on the first warm spring day to let the old stale air out, clearing removes the stagnant energy from the room making room for new, fresh, vital energy.  Clearings can be performed for specific events, such as the opening of a business, moving into a new home, following the passing of a resident of a home, the birth of a child, or it can be done once a season for “housekeeping” purposes.

There are many ways to clear space.  I prefer the smudging method used by Native Americans, which involves burning dried sage, (can include lavender, cedar or other herbs) or palo santo along with performing Reiki.  This is similar to the ritual use of incense or burning of candles in services of many religions, which is representative of carrying prayers upward to the heavens.  

In situations where someone may be sensitive to smoke, or there is not adequate ventilation, other methods of clearing can be performed such as using materials like crystals, or a Tibetan singing bowl along with Reiki.

A clearing takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the size of the space, the number of rooms, and other factors.  The space should be straightened up and organized prior to the ritual.

The clearing ritual begins with a blessing and setting of an intention for the space to be cleared.  The practitioner then moves through the space affirming the intention and burning sage or other smudging material, beginning at the front door and moving in a clockwise in direction, fanning the stream of smoke through the house.  A blessing and reaffirmation of the intention ends the ritual. Homeowners are welcome to stay (preferably in a different room during the ceremony) or may leave the space all together.

Call on me to clean it out and give you a fresh start!