Reiki News

Reiki I class offered on March 18!

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On July 11, I am headed to Peru for a two-week Spiritual Healing journey. I am going with a group out of California called Full Circle Spiritual Healing. There will be many ceremonies and I will have a chance to meet and spend time with some shamans. I am looking so forward to learning from them. I will be going to Machu Picchu which has been on my bucket list forever. For those of you who don’t know me well, I was a Spanish teacher for 23 years and had a giant poster of it in my classroom that I looked at almost daily. I’m ready for this adventure and can’t wait to come back refreshed and hopefully some really cool stuff to add to my offerings for you. 


We are so excited as we get closer to our Open House! Malea, Amy and I have been putting in countless hours after our regular work hours to get our new place ready for you.IMG_0743


Here’s a sneak peek of my room. I love the orange! This week I will begin moving things into this space and making it feel like the healing space I had created in my home. This however is a larger space with a giant window so we will get sunshine and warm breezes this summer. I can’t wait!