Working with Lauren



Welcome! My name is Lauren Mattone. I am a Reiki Master Teacher. I am following my dream of helping people to find balance and wellness, peace, and compassion for themselves and others. If you are ready for real change in your life, you can have it! The most important thing is being clear on what you want.

Read about Reiki and my services and find the perfect offering for you. Check out the testimonials and book a session with me. I can’t wait to meet you!

How Reiki found me (my story):

While I have always been fascinated with the metaphysical and had some experiences with hands-on healing as a child, I had never heard of Reiki before. 8 years ago, my aunt Marla who had breast cancer was receiving Reiki treatments in the Detroit area. She swore by it and said she was experiencing no negative side effects during her chemotherapy. It was so powerful for her that her husband decided to learn Reiki to give her additional treatments at home. The news did a short clip on her receiving a Reiki treatment and she emailed it to me. I was blown away. I felt like I’d gotten the V8 thump right through the computer. I was being called to learn!

I proceeded to read everything online that I could find and ordered some books. I wasn’t sure how to approach this with my husband…thinking this would sound crazy but I NEEDED to learn. I finally brought it to his attention and he said, “Okay, let’s find you a teacher!” I did my research and located a Reiki Master Teacher and started my Reiki I/II class.

To be completely honest, while I was feeling the need to do this, I was also going into it with a skeptic’s heart. But as I continued to practice, I started noticing subtle changes in myself. I was noticing a greater peace and calm in my life. I was also more sensitive to negativity and violence on the radio and TV. I could not deny that every time I began to do Reiki, my hands fired up and I often started to sweat. As I practiced on my friends and family, I continued to hear positive, reassuring comments. They loved it!

I waited a couple more years before I decided to move on to Reiki III (Advanced Reiki Training). Afterwards, I felt the energy was amplified and I began sensing more with my hands. I noticed tingling sensations in addition to the heat and began being drawn to place my hands other parts of people’s bodies, that were not normally part of the structured hand placements. I continued to practice mainly on friends and family during this time.

Finally in the summer of 2015 I decided that it was time to get my Master. That was a powerful transformation for me. What I feel during the sessions has intensified, my intuition has expanded and I have made more time for self-care, which of course, has also improved my practice.

In November 2015, I launched my business part-time and in June 2016, I will be starting this as my full time career as my long time teaching career comes to an end. But those skills I acquired as a teacher will not be lost as I will soon be offering up Reiki classes.